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Why wait for "when?"

So many of us go through life waiting for when, when we are thinner, richer, have a better job, faster car, bigger house. And when we have these things, we will be happy.

Why do we do this?

It’s part of our belief system, we are conditioned to believe that happiness is the result of working hard and the more we have, the happier we will be.

Material things don’t bring us lasting happiness and the four most important things to most people are:





The truth is, we already have these things, and gratitude is a great way to notice what we already have.

Practicing gratitude is easy, simply notice 3 things, or more, that you are grateful for. I like to do it at night when I go to bed and as I reflect on my day, however it can be done at anytime.

I’m going to leave you with the story of The Mexican Fisherman.

I love this parable, there are several versions, and I’m sharing this one from Courtney Carver from Be More with Less.

Courtney has a been a huge influence on me and has fuelled my passion for living a slower life.  

Life is fragile and unpredictable. There is no time like the present to be happy.

Image courtesy Elijah Hail -Unsplash

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