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Are you a stroller or scroller?

Are you a power walker or a stroller?

That’s not a typo, I do mean stroller not scroller.

I love to stroll.

By this I mean a measured, slow walk where you notice your surroundings.

A stroll is just so pleasurable, a sensory delight.

Plus a stroll is so deliciously European, a slow walk after dinner nodding and smiling to neighbours.

We are always so rushed.

Rushing to work, juggling a coffee, checking the phone, intent on getting from A-B, oblivious to the surroundings.

In the evenings we slide so easily into autopilot, doing the same things, the same way without any real awareness except when checking the phone.

I walk our dog most days, he’s now 14 so he prefers a slow meandering walk. While we take the same route each day, he always finds a new smell or a new spot to linger.

Right now I’m noticing the changing light as Winter is slowly approaching. The light is softer, the shadows different, the temperature is changing.

Everyone is busy, however introducing these small mindful practices of being present and noticing costs nothing, isn’t too hard to do and it’s enjoyable.

Even if you take the same route each day, use your beginners mind to slow down and STROLL.

I do ramp up my walking pace at times, esp when I’m somewhere I don’t really want to be like a supermarket or a shopping centre. Sometimes I walk faster for physical exercise and I always factor in stroll time at the end.

A stroll can only be truly enjoyed without a phone, definitely no scrolling while strolling.

Stroller or scroller?

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