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That voice in my head.

We all have that’s inner voice that’s says “You can’t do this and you can’t do that.”

“You don’t know how, you don’t have the skills, you are too old, too tired, too busy...yada, yada, yada ....”

“There someone in my head and it’s not me.” - Pink Floyd

Like most things that you haven’t done before, you have to learn to meditate just like you learn to swim, sew, cook, play tennis or golf and then you practice.

If that inner voice of doom, gloom and doubt keeps you from real danger, then that’s good, if the reasons aren’t valid, then don’t believe everything that you think.

Telling yourself “I can’t or I could never” is a self fulfilling prophecy.
- Jon Kabat-Zinn

Don’t let that inner voice stop you from doing anything.

You can’t stop that voice however it’s good to remember that thoughts are real but they aren’t always true.

When I have those “you can’t do that thoughts!” I counter with “why not? “ and “what if that (worse case scenario) doesn’t happen?“

if that isn’t enough and I know that inner voice is totally irrational, a good old “F of!” works really well!

Don’t let that voice inside your head stop you from learning to meditate, scuba dive or train for a marathon, you can do whatever you choose to do ... it just takes some commitment, practice and self belief.

Image courtesy Laura Chouette

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