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Multitasking wastes time.

Doing things quickly or juggling two or more tasks at the same time, rarely achieves a good result or saves time.

When we multitask we think we get more done, tho we don’t always do it well.

Rather than giving the task at hand our full attention we are actually training our brain to jump, from thing to thing.

Take a long, slow and deep breath or two and focus on just one thing until it’s complete.

When your mind wanders to the last thing you did or what’s next on the list, notice this and bring your focus back to whatever you are doing now, in the present moment.

It’s far more satisfying to fully focus on, and complete, one thing at a time.

Multitasking strengthens the “monkey mind muscle.”

Monkey mind refers to a monkey swinging from branch to branch, unable to settle.

Start with one thing, just drink your tea, coffee or water, watch a movie or read a book all without checking your phone, walk or run without headphones, get the idea?

Taking time to proofread before posting or hitting the send button is a good example.

I’ve sent some doozies, when I’ve been rushing and/or multitasking and failed to proof read!

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