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Don't join the resistance.

You will encounter resistance..

Whether you are a consistent meditator or just beginning you will encounter resistance on a regular basis.

The mind loves distractions and it can be insidious, insistent and sneaky trying to sabotage your daily practice.

The resistance can come in a few different ways. It might be an excuse not to practice “today” or it might be resistance to surrendering or you just can’t relax.

This happens to me and my inner dialogue goes something like this;

“This isn’t working.” “I’m not doing it right.” “My mind is too busy today, what’s the point.” “I don’t have enough time.”

What do I do about this?

Nothing, I detach from the thoughts, I let them come and I let them go. If I do get caught up in a thought, and I do, I gently and kindly bring my focus back to my breath or body, again and again.

This can take time, it’s perfectly normal and its good practice to train the mind to rest in the space between the thoughts.

Distractions can also take the form of physical discomfort, an ache or pain that I have never felt before. Ignoring the pain never works, I name the pain; ache, ache, shoulder, shoulder, neck, neck.

Some days the stillness comes easily, some days it doesn’t happen at all. Thoughts, resistance, physical discomfort are all part of meditation and every day will be different, don’t compare, control or overthink it.

Just go with flow.

Image courtesy Alice Donovan-Rouse - Unsplash

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