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Kate Hubert.



A little about, Kate.

"Practicing mindfulness in everyday living"

More than 20 years ago I was very pregnant with our second child, stressed and exhausted. Mole hills were becoming mountains and I needed to do something. I had practiced yoga, deep relaxation and visualization for more than 10 years but I needed a bit more.

Late one Saturday afternoon I went to The Relaxation Centre of QLD to their 30 minute Deep Relaxation class. They still run that class today.

We sat in chairs and I spent the next 30 mins watching my thoughts come and go across my mind, trying really hard not to fall asleep or worse, out of the chair.

Of course I thought I hadn’t done it properly but when I left I felt amazing, energized and calm at the same time. Needless to say I was hooked and I started a daily practice. I established a routine pretty quickly, some days I fell asleep, most days I didn’t and while I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right, I continued to practice and it felt good. I went back to the Relaxation Centre a few weeks later and when I explained to my teacher Marge what was happening in my practice she replied “darling you are meditating.” Happy days!

The accumulative effects of my daily practice were obvious to me and to those around me, the mole hills were no longer becoming mountains, they remained insignificant mole hills. This meditation thing was a very effective way to manage my emotional stress.

From that starting point, over the years, I have attended lots of meditation workshops and classes and I have tried different ways to meditate. Since completing my International Teachers Association (IYTA) Diploma in 2005, I have taught a number of Yoga and Meditation Classes. I am really passionate about teaching Mindfulness and QiGong as anyone can do it – yes really!


No special equipment, gadgets or clothes are required, it’s portable and today more than ever we need to find our centre of calm within, let go of judgments and just be. Mindful living grounds me in the here and now.

My interests include QiGong, sewing, travel, photography, solitary time, living a slow, intuitive life and reading -  though I rarely finish a book.

I am blessed to live on the Sunshine Coast with my husband.


Kate is a Certified Holden QiGong Teacher, has SkilfulMIND Meditation Leader Certification, holds an International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA, 460hrs) Diploma of Yoga, has completed The Power of Awareness training course with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield and has Reiki Level 1 & 2 training.


""QiGong combines the benefits of physical movement, stretching and meditation all in one,
increasing good health and well-being."- Master Lee Holden

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"Kate brings sanity and common sense to the chaos of modern life with her no non-sense approach to meditation and mindfulness.

She avoids being a pastiche of new age, hippie-ness by being a sincere, empathetic and caring human being, who makes the science of meditation accessible to the everyday person. After working with Kate I began to create a calmness that I can now access for myself. It is like having a rock to cling to in a swirling sea. I have the skills to slow my mind, control demons and destructive self-talk and find a refuge within myself.  With her help I have developed a practice which has had the added bonus of reducing the physical impacts of stress, such as a sore neck and teeth clenching. Kate makes sense of the fears and the chatter that swamps our minds. She has a calm, practical and soothing approach. She uses a wide variety of techniques, images and meditation styles to allow you to find what works for you. I have no hesitation recommending Kate. Her sessions are excellent and are perfect for fast-tracking a regular meditation practice."



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QiGong & Mindfulness 

5 week QiGong & Meditation Course for Women.

"Keeping a cool head & a warm heart."

This practice builds a strong foundation for

     self-care, both mentally and physically.




17 Kalinga St 



Tues 9th Apr - 7th May

0800 - 0900am




Booking is required.

Contact me for more info. 





QiGong & Mindfulness

5 week QiGong & Meditation Course for                                          Women.

"Keeping a cool head & a warm heart."

This practice builds a strong foundation for

self-care, both mentally and physically.


Currimundi Hall

Currimundi Rd




Tues 9th Apr - 7th May

5.45 - 7.00pm 





Booking is required.

Contact me for more info. 


Please note: Cancellation and refund, less $5 booking fees and cost of any materials,

  up to 24 hours before the start of a course.

No refunds are given once course has started.

My QiGong & Mindfulness Meditation courses are for women.


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I invite you to join me so you can establish a regular and consistent meditation practice. 

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